Plastics, Polymers and Coatings Additives

A. Halogenated Flame Retardants:
Product Equivalence Chemical Usage
Decabromo diphenyloxide DE-83R, Saytex 102E Decabromo diphenyloxide PA, PE, PP, TPE, uns. polyester
Netguard 8010 Saytex 8010 Decabromo diphenyl ethane. HIPS, PP, PBT, PE, PS,TPE
Netguard 68 PE-68 Tetrabromo bisphenol A bis(dibromo propyl ether) PP
Netguard BT93 Saytex BT93 Ethylene bis tetrabromophthalimide PP, HIPS, PET, PBT, PC, PE
Net Chloro 5 Dechlorane 25 Dodecachloropentacyclo octadeca-7,15-diene  
Netguard BPS7010 Saytex 7010 Brominated Polystyrene PS, PBT,PET, PA
Netguard BPS3010 Saytex 3010 Brominated Polystyrene PS, PBT, PET, PA
Netguard 370 Reoflam PB 370, FR370 Tris (tribromo neopentyl) phosphate PP, HIPS
Tetra bromo bisphenol A TBBA    
Brominated Epoxy Resin- 2015 Avg MW: 15,000    
Brominated Epoxy Resin 2016 Avg. MW: 16,000    
Brominated Epoxy Resin 2025 Avg MW: 25,000    
RDT-8 FR 245 2,4,5 – tris (2,4,6-tribromoepoxy)-1,3,5 trazine ABS, HIPS
Octobromo bisphenol S Non Nen 52 Tetrabromo bisphenol S (dibromo propyl) ether PP
Netguard 680 FF 680 1,2-bis (2,4,6-tribromophenoxy) ethane ABS, PC, TPE, Adh. & Coatings
Netguard 52 BC 52 Phenoxy terminated carbonate oligomer of tetrabromobisphenol A PC, PET, ABS, PBT
Hexabromo cyclododecane Saytex HP-900, DSB FR1206   PS Foam, PP, Textiles
B. Non-Halogenated Flame Retardants:
Product Description Remarks
MCA PPM Triazine HF Proprietary polymeric nitrogen synergist flame retardant Action by intumescense
MCA PPM Triazine 765 Ready blend of PPM Triazine HF with Ammonium Polyphosphate PP, PU foam, Epoxy & Polyester resins
MCA PPM Triazine 770 Above with a carbon booster same as above
Antimony trioxide    
Melamine Polyphosphate   PA, PBT
Melamine Cyanuarate   PA, Epoxy, PU,PP & Polyester
Silicone 50 MB    
THEIC Tris (2-hydroxyethyl) isocyanurate  
HMPPA Hydroxymethyl phenyl phosphonic Acid Polyester, PET
C. Flame Retardant Masterbatches:
Product Description
Netguard 8218 Master batch of 82% Decabromo diphenyloxide in 18% LDPE
Netguard 9010 Master batch of 90% Antimony trioxide in 10% LDPE
Netguard 7030 Master batch of 70% Antimony trioxide in PP
Netguard MB8010PP Master batch of 85% Decabromodiphenyl Ethane in PP
Netguard MB8010PE Master batch of 85% Decabromodiphenyl Ethane in LDPE
Netguard MB8010EVA Master batch of 85% Decabromodiphenyl Ethane in EVA
Netguard MB68PP Master batch of 55% Netguard 68 in PP
Netguard MBRedPhosPE Master batch of 70% Red Phosphorous in LDPE
D. Light Stabilizers/ UV Absorbers:
Name Equivalence Uses
Netuva 292/765 Tinuvin 292 & 765
Netuva 622 Tinuvin 622 Polyolefins (PP,PE), polyacetals, PU, Polyamides etc
Netuva 770 Tinuvin 770
Netuva 944 Chimassorb 944
Netuva 531 Cyasorb UV 531 Polymer stabilizer
Netuva 119 Chimassorb 119
E. UV Absorbers:
Name Equivalence Uses
Netuva 328 Tinuvin 328 Coatings, Automotive coatings, Styrenics, polyolefins,acrylic etc.
Netuva 327 Tinuvin 327
Netuva 326 Tinuvin 326
Netuva 119 Tinuvin 119
Netuva P Tinuvin P
F. Other Stabilizers:
Name Equivalence  
9:1:1   Blend of KBr: cuI: Na Steararte in the ratio 9:1:1
Dibenzoyl Methane Rhodiastab 83  
Net 3529 Cyasorb 3529  
G. Antioxidants:
Primary Antioxidants:
Name Equivalence Uses
Evernox 10 Irganox 1010 Plastics, elastomers, adhesives, waxes, synthetic fibers, oils & fats
Evernox 76 Irganox 1076 Plastics, elastomers, adhesives, waxes, synthetic fibers, oils & fats
Netox 1035 Irganox 1035 Polyethylene resins
Netox 3114 Irganox 3114 Plastics, elastomers, adhesives, waxes, synthetic fibers, oils
Netox 1135 Irganox 1135 Polyurethanes & polyols
Netox MD1024 Metal deactivator & Antioxidant – cables & wire industry
Phosphite type:
Name Equivalence Uses
Everfos 168 Irgafos 168 Polyamide, polycarbonates, polesters, PE &PP
Netfos 626 Ultranox 626 (GE)
Netfos TNPP Weston TNPP (GE)
Netfos DPDP
Netfos TPP

Blended grades:

Several blends of 168, 1010 & 1076 are available, including B1171 (for polyamide hot melt adhesive), B110 – a blend of 168 & 1010 (offset to B225) etc

H. Optical brighteners:
Name Equivalence Uses
Op. Brightener TBO Uvitex OB Polyolefins, PET, PVC, Styrenics, PC, PMA, PA
Op. Brighener BAS Uvitex OB-ONE PET, PA, Polyester, Polyamide
Op. Brightener DSBP Uvitex FP PVC, Acrylics, Styrene, PVC
I. Slip Agents:
Name Equivalence/ Uses
Erucamide CRODA equivalent
Oleamide CRODA equivalent
Sorbitan Mono stearate Internal lubricant for PVC film
Glycerol mono stearate External lubricant for PVC
J. Blue pigments:
Pigment Type
Pigment Blue 15:1 Phthalocyanine
Pigment Blue 15:2 Phthalocyanine
Pigment Blue 15:3 Phthalocyanine
Pigment Blue 15:4 Phthalocyanine
K. Green pigments:
Pigment Type
Pigment Green 7 Phthalocyanine
Pigment Green 36 Phthalocyanine
L. Yellow pigments:
Pigment Type
Pigment Yellow 12 Diarylide
Pigment Yellow 65 Arylamide
Pigment Yellow 74 Arylamide
M. Red & Orange pigments:
Pigment Type
Pigment Red 170 – F3RK & F5RK BON Arylamide
Pigment Red 122 Quinacridone
Pigment Orange 5 Beta Naphthol
Pigment Orange 13 Pyrazolone (Diazo)
Pigment Orange 34 Pyrazolone (Diazo)
N. Other organic pigments:
Pigment Type
Pigment Brown 23 DisAzo
Pigment Violet 23 Dioxazine