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Join us at Netchem as we welcome Spring and the warmer weather!


As we stride into the second quarter of the year, Netchem remains committed to providing exceptional service and strategic solutions to meet your business needs. With the hot days of summer that are approaching, we recommend ordering early for temperature sensitive products.

Furthermore, we advise our valued partners to start to consider the seasonal cycle of Bromine, a crucial raw material for many. Historically, late summer presents an optimal opportunity to procure Bromine-based products, as prices tend to reach their lowest point of the year. Planning purchases around this cycle can yield significant cost savings for your operations.


In other news, we’re actively monitoring China’s BlueSky initiative, aimed at reducing air pollution by 2025. At Netchem, we understand the importance of sustainable practices and are diligently collaborating with our manufacturing partners to ensure uninterrupted supply chains throughout 2024 and 2025.

As always, our commitment to our customers remains steadfast in delivering complete chemical confidence and maintaining a seamless supply chain.

Stay tuned for our next newsletter in June for more updates and insights. Until then, wishing you a prosperous and successful second quarter.

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